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Donbavand Certificates


These are certificates with the DUNBABIN name and its variants.

Marriage Certificates


Dunbabin, James & Cawley, Sarah marriage 1840.jpg

Dodd, William & Dunbebin, Ann marriage 1841.jpg

Jones, John & Dunbabin, Mary marriage 1845.jpg

Green, Henry & Dunbabin Margaret marriage 1850.jpg

ROGERS, John & DUNBABIN, Ann marriage 1850.jpg

Shaw, William & Dunbavan, Mary marriage 1850.jpg

Nuttall, Peter & Donbavand, Mary Ellen marriage 1851.jpg

DONBAVAND, James Johnson & OPENSHAW, Ann marriage 1852.jpg

BEDDING, Edmund & DONBAVAND Hannah marriage 1852.jpg

Lowe, John & Kilshaw, Elizabeth marriage 1853.jpg

Duffy, William & Dunbabin, Mary marriage 1854.jpg

May, John & Dunbebbin, Mary Ann marriage 1854.jpg

Rylands, George & Dunbabin, Jane marriage 1855.jpg

DUNBEVAND, David & CASPER, Harriet marriage 1858.jpg

KENNEDY, John & DUNBEVAND, Phoebe marriage 1858.jpg

White, William Frederick & Donbavand, Ann marriage 1863.jpg

TOWNSON, John & DONBAVAND, Elizabeth marriage 1867.jpg

DONBAVAND, Matthias & KELLETT, Betsy marriage 1868.jpg

Dunbavand, John & MacDonald, Mary marriage 1871.jpg

Allen, William James & Donbavand, Esther Johnson marriage 1872.jpg

ROSE, James & DONBAVAND, Mary marriage 1878.jpg

DONBAVAND, James Johnson & MARKLAND, Sarah Jane marriage 1879.jpg

FISHER, Charles Borrerill Donbavand & TAIT, Mary Wake marriage 1893.jpg

Dale, William & Dunbavand, Sarah Ellen marriage 1899.jpg

Dunbabin, John & Rimmer, Ellen Ash marriage 1901.jpg

PICKERING, Edward & DONBAVAND, Eliza Ann marriage 1903.jpg

Dunbabin, Joseph & White, Minnie May marriage 1911.tif

Dunbabin, Thomas Alfred & White, Rose marriage 1912.tif

Dunbabin, Annie & King, Alice marriage 1913.tif

Dunbabin, William & Astbury, Sarah marriage 1917.jpg

Dunbabin, Ernest & King, Mary marriage 1920.tif

Donbavand, William & Dunn, Annie Elizabeth marriage 1920.jpg

Godfrey, John & Dunbabin, Annie marriage 1921.tif

Donbavand, William & Timony, Anne marriage 1927.jpg

Cartwright, Archibald K & Dunbabin, Mary marriage 1928.jpg

Donbavand, Ernest & Knagg, Margaret marriage 1929.jpg

Dunbabin, John & Bennett, Dorita marriage 1930.jpg

Street, Albert C S & Dunbabin, Ellen marriage 1930.jpg

Pitchford, Reginald G & Dunbavin, Kathleen marriage 1931.jpg

Dunbabin, Joseph Henry & Elliott, Doris marriage 1933.jpg

Houghton, Arthur J & Harris, Eva marriage 1935.jpg

DONBAVAND, Joseph & KNOX, Isabella marriage 1937.jpg

Dunbavand, Christopher Charles & Arneill, Margaret Elizabeth marriage 1936.jpg

Dunbavin, William & White, Jessie May marriage 1940.jpg

Dunbavin, William & Williams, Lilian marriage 1942.jpg

Williams, Herbert & Donbavand, Evelyn marriage 1946.jpg

Donbavand, James William & Lowe, Hazel marriage 1950.jpg

Dunbavin, Ronald & Watson, Emily marriage 1953.jpg

Dunbabin, Thomas & Hooley, Gertrude marriage 1954.jpg

Dunbavin, Ronald & Blackwell, Mary marriage 1955.jpg

Dunbobbin, Alan & Bayliss, Mary May marriage 1958.jpg

Dunbobbin, Alan & Oultram, Nancy marriage 1958.jpg

Dunbavin, Frederick & Mills, Winifred marriage 1970.jpg

Dunbavin, Ronald & Dunbavin, Gillian marriage 1974.jpg

Death Certificates


DUNBAVAND, Sarah death 1837.jpg

Donbavand, Joseph death 1838.jpg

Dunbobin, Mary death 1838.jpg

Dunbabin, Ann death 1839.jpg

Dunbabin, Joseph death 1840.jpg

Dunbabin, Ann death 1841.jpg

Dunbavan, Sarah death 1841.jpg

Dunbabbin, John death 1842.jpg

Dunbavand, George death 1843.jpg

DONBAVAND, Charles death 1844.jpg

DUNBABIN, Selina Jane death 1844.jpg

Dunbabin, Elizabeth death 1847.jpg

Dunbobbin, Margaret death 1847.jpg

DONBAVAND, James death 1849.jpg

Donbavand, Frances death 1851.jpg

Dunbobin, Henry death 1851.jpg

DONBAVAND, Ann death 1854.jpg

DONBAVAND, Frances death 1854.jpg

Dunbobbin, Ann death 1858.jpg

Dunbavand, George death 1858.jpg

Donbavand, Frederick death 1860.jpg

Dunbavand, John death 1862.jpg

DONBAVAND, Joseph death 1867.jpg

Dunbavand, Reginald M death 1874.tif

DONBAVAND, Ann death 1878.jpg

Dunbavand, Ann death 1878.jpg

DONBAVAND, Harry death 1880.jpg

Dunbabin, Ann death 1881.jpg

Dunbabin, Charlotte death 1881.jpg

Dunbavand, Thomas death 1881.jpg

Donbavand, Bertha Ethel death 1882.jpg

Donbavand, John death 1885.jpg

Dundivan, Alfred death 1886.jpg

Dunbobin, John death 1890.jpg

Donbavand, Alice death 1891.jpg

Donbavand, Ann death 1896.jpg

Donbavand, Jane death 1907.jpg

Dunbebin, Elizabeth R death 1911.jpg

Dunbavand, Elizabeth death 1913.jpg

DONBAVAND, James J death 1918.jpg

Dunbavin, Margaret death 1920.jpg

Donbavand, Elizabeth death 1927.jpg

Dunbobbin, Elizabeth A death 1937.jpg

Dunbobbin, Violet Emily death 1939.jpg

Dunbabin, James death 1944.tif

DONBAVAND, Sarah Jane death 1943.jpg

Dunbavand, Martha death 1951.jpg

Dunbavin, William Henry death 1955.jpg

Dunbavin, Lilian death 1969.jpg

Dunbavin, William Arthur death 1969.jpg

Dunbavand, Marjorie death 1981.jpg

Dunbavin, Joseph Henry death 1989.jpg

DUNBAVIN, Lilian death 1994.jpg

Donbavand, Winifred Rose death 2002.jpg