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Donbavands in the registers


Here are a few of the very many entries relating to Dunbabins and Donbavands in the registers.


BOULTON, Thomas & DUNBABIN, Mary marriage 1683.jpg

COOPER, John & DUNBABIN, Mary marriage 1689.jpg   - The tradition in the Quaker faith was that the bride and groom made their vows in the presence of those present, and so there are well over 50 witnesses to this marriage. It was only later in the year that it became legal to attend a Quaker meeting, so everyone who signed this document was, in effect, confessing to a crime.

DONBAVAND, Joseph & WARING, Lydia marriage 1787.jpg

DONBAVAND, Robert & RIGBY, Catherine marriage 1771.jpg

DUNBABIN, Isaac & MERYHILL, Eliza marriage 1705.jpg

DUNBABIN, Jacob & PEACOCK, Mary marriage 1706.jpg

HAYDOCK, Henry & DUNBABIN, Martha marriage 1682.jpg

HEALD, William & DUNBABIN, Jane marriage 1667.jpg

OSLEY, Robert & DUNBABIN, Sarah marriage 1711.jpg

SHALCROFT, Joseph & Dunbabin, Katherine marriage 1690.jpg

WELCH, Thomas & DUNBABIN, Elizabeth marriage 1694.jpg


Donbavand, Benjamin burial 1808.jpg

Donbavand, Benjamin burial 1834.jpg

Donbavand, Joseph burial 1831.jpg