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Front Badge

The Daimler brand name does not appear on the exterior of the car. The fluting on the top of the radiator was the Daimler trade mark, and anyone who mattered would know its significance. We have added front and rear badges for the benefit of today's spectators.
The badge on the front originally adorned the front of a Daimler Fleetline bus.

Interior 04 Coachbuilder's Plate

The coachbuilders, Sanderson & Holmes, were formed in 1923 by a merger of Sanderson & Sons of Midland Road, and Holmes & Co. of London Road, both in Derby. Holmes & Co. appear in the 1895 telephone directory, with the same telephone number as appears on the plaques screwed to each door. Later in 1927, Derby's telephone exchange was updated, and the phone number changed to a much more lenghty one - 2061. Sanderson & Sons were also well established; they were advertising as early as 1902, using the telephone number 30.

Bumper badge

The bumpers fitted were made by a company called Andre, who are well known for making friction dampers - Andre Hartford. We know that these are an original fitting from new. Normally, the front number plate would be fixed below the radiator. There are two brackets there, but the holes in the number plate don't line up with them. Sanderson and Holmes fitted the bar between the front mudguards to enable the plate to be fitted where it could be seen.

Car Dealer's Plaque

At the end of 1929, the car moved from Derbyshire to Lancashire, via a car dealer in Manchester. David Rosenfield was born in Whitechapel, the son of Russian immigrants who worked in the tailoring business. This plaque was screwed to the dashboard. It's a high quality item, made by Fattorini in Birmingham. Quite a step up from the plastic stickers placed in the rear windows of cars by post-war dealers.

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