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Pliers & Screwdrivers

Tools 56716 Pliers & Screwdrivers.JPG

Matching the illustration, these pliers had been in my dad's toolbox as long as I can remember. He had bought them second-hand, when he was an apprentice.


Tools 56719 Lifting Jack & Handle.JPG

This jack was advertised in the owners' club magazine, Driving Member. It matches the illustration perfectly.

Wheel Spanner & Tyre Levers

Tools 56720 Wheel Spanner & Tyre Levers.JPG

The wheel spanner is essential when it comes time to change a wheel. The small end is used to remove the locking screw, then the large end is clipped over the wheel hub. The small lever is then moved to be parallel with the handle, moving a clip inside the hub. Moving the handle anticlockwise then winds the wheel off the axle. The tyre levers would see frequent use with the rough roads of the 1920s, but the purchaser of RA3910 spent extra for a second spare wheel, so sorting out a puncture at the roadside would be unusual.

Gun for damper

Tools 56723 Gun for Damper.JPG

The Lanchester patent damper at the front of the crankshaft needs occasional lubrication. This is the tool for the job. We have a second gun, but without the size adapter. As it is it fits Daimler's larger engines.

Wheel Brush

Tools 56729 Wire Wheel Brush.JPG

The manuals say that this unusual brush was designed by a chauffeur to make the job of cleaning wheels easier.

Grease Gun

Tools 56730 Grease Gun.JPG

The original grease gun was made by ENOTS. It is the most expensive of their range, with the Intensifier Screw. When the going gets tough, this attachment enable a small amount of grease to be delivered at huge pressure - a boon when moving grease half a century old. The proper grease gun filler never seems to be found with ENOTS grease guns, even those priced at hundreds of pounds.

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