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Spare grease gun

Tools 56730a Grease Gun spare.JPG

Here's the spare grease gun, which is of the cheaper type shipped with Rolls Royce cars.


Tools 59743 Syringe for Cylinder Heads.JPG

This syringe was provided to allow the cylinder heads to be drained of water properly when maintenance was needed.

Oil filler

Tools 59741 Oil filler tube.JPG

The oil filler tube was intended to screw into the standard oil cans of the 1920s. Unfortunately today's cans don't have the right thread.

Oil filler adapter

Tools 59741a Oil filler adapter.JPG

We discovered, however, that the type of cap on modern 5-litre steel cans of oil WERE the right thread. So soldering two of these back-to back allows us to use the flexible oil hose for its original purpose.

Starting Handle

Tools 59747 Starting Handle.JPG

The starting handle is provided in case the starter motor fails. It has not happened yet, but the handle has come in useful for turning the engine over to set the timing.

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