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The engine on RA3910 is currently sick. I first noticed the plugs sooting up, which I put down to the fuel I was using. Then I came across oiling on number 6 cylinder.

So the car was moved to the workshop of one of the few engineers familiar with sleeve valve Daimlers - Darren Christian in Banks, near Southport. Eventually (he's a busy man), he got round to taking the lid off my engine.

Cylinder block with sleeves.

Crankcase with cylinder blocks removed

The news was not good. The inner sleeve for number 5 cylinder actually has a hole burned through it.

Sleeves from number 5 cylinder

The outer sleeve shows a hotspot at the problem area:

Outer sleeve showing hotspot

The inner sleeve has been burned through from its outside:

Inner sleeve

The inside of the outer sleeve shows where the white metalling has been burned away, allowing exhaust gases to attack the inner sleeve.

Inside the outer sleeve

So, there has been a worldwide hunt for spares. The grapevine eventually revealed that someone in the London area had some genuine factory-made sleeves, which had been sitting on a shelf since the 1920s. So I paid what was asked for a pair. After all, where would I find another one?

There are other problems which need to be addressed whilst the engine is disassembled. A couple of big ends need sorting, and the odd main bearing. These are "ordinary" engineering jobs, familiar to many restorers. The oil system will also need to be investigated.