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Headlamp Dipping Mechanism

Headlamps 04 New cabling fitted.JPG

The driver's side headlamp is a complicated device. The reflector tilts to dip the beam. As it does so, it switches off the passenger side lamp. The mechanism for this is pneumatic. You can see where the pipe attaches in this picture.

Headlamps 05 Pump for dipping mechanism.JPG

At the other end of the rubber pipe, strapped to the steering column, is this pump. It's like a bike pump, but with two washers back-to-back, so that it sucks as well. Push for main beam, pull for dip. Although the electrics on Daimlers were made by Rotax, the pneumatic parts came from Lucas. The vacuum wiper mechanism was from Lucas too.


Interior 01a Dashboard a.jpg

The instrument cluster consists of a speedometer (complete with trip meter), clock, and ammeter. There is a yellow-green light to show low oil pressure, and a red one to show when the dynamo is not providing current. The right-hand switch goes clockwise for coil ignition and anticlockwise for magneto. The left-hand switch controls the lighting. You can switch off the dashboard light - useful at night to save a little current. There is no fuel gauge - we have made a dipstick for the tank. The device above the panel is a cigar lighter. Press the red button and the centre glows - although I have refused to wire it back up, as I don't want to encourage smoking.

Interior 30 Dashboard trim reassembled.JPG

Here's the interior with new carpets fitted. On the far right is the hand brake lever, then the gear lever. It cost £10 extra to have it there rather than in the centre. The accelerator pedal is in the middle, with rollers so that you don't wear away the sole of your shoe. The steering column is home to the advance-retard quadrant. The smaller wheel in front of the steering wheel has two levers. On the right is the throttle stop, which sets the idling speed, and on the left is the "Economy lever", which at one end has the starting primer. On the left end of the dashboard is a smoker's companion, complete with a vesta case which you can take with you when you leave the car.

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